Thank you to Daryl Rester of Sunshine Cruising Yachts. We contacted Daryl a couple of weeks before our trip to the keys and asked if he could look for a sailboat for us to purchase. He lined up some prospects for us according to our shopping list. He met us at the marina and ferried us around looking at boats. While we didn’t find our dream boat we were impressed with the effort Daryl put into the search for us. He was courteous and very professional in all of our dealings. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again. Thanks again Daryl!!

– Kirk Kirkland, Seeking a Sailboat


In this world of boating where shadiness lurks around each corner – you (SCY) are a breath of fresh air…
Nicole & Bill, FSBO Concierge Service Customers and happy new catamaran owners

– Nicole & Bill, FSBO Concierge Service Customers and happy new catamaran owners


Emily rocks! She took our quirky boat on and blasted it with social media, great visuals, and lots of care and attention. She had it sold within 2 months. We picked her because we loved her liberated ethos, open-mindedness and madcap enthusiasm. A proper gem of a broker. We really loved that Emily knew how it is to live aboard, singlehand, rely on the community, and be faced with challenges. She was also very attuned to our budgetary and personal constraints.
She is clearly broadly experienced, unlike some of the daysailer or even weekend racer brokers you may find out there, and has a great eye. She’s a cruiser’s dream.
– Rupert Allan , SV Sandpiper Seller , U.K


Emily Greenberg of Sun(Shine) Cruising Yachts is the Real Deal! She is passionate about sailing, loves everything about sailboats, extremely detail oriented, transparent and client oriented. She would be successful at what ever she does and her support for clients is top notch. She is proactive, diligent and always follows through. I recommend her highly.

– Edward Lewis


Wayne Willis secured a good offer on our Catalina Morgan 440 within a few days of posting our listing. He then went above and beyond to help us address the things that came up during the survey. All in all, Wayne was a pleasure to work with, responsive and helpful at every step through to our closing

– Allan & Lavonne Shelton


I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Sunshine Neale sometime back and even though I’d never used her, I recognized her love of the sea and its people. She has the unique ability to recognize your boat or dreams and matches them up with who will get positive results. In my case it was Marcy Lynn. Vibrant/positive/knowledge/and a working ability that’s simply amazing. Her character is real and a true joy to work with!! She has the ability to bring everyone involved in as a team. Thanks, Marcy, been a true pleasure to work with you.

– Wally Marienau


Deciding to sell your boat is never an easy decision and finding a broker that suits your needs can be daunting. Through social media, I was already familiar with Melanie Neale, founder, owner, and broker of Sunshine Cruising Yachts before we decided to list our 50’ custom sailing catamaran, SOBAD. Melanie’s excellent reputation precedes her. A lifelong cruiser, Melanie immediately recognized how much love we put into SOBAD. She truly made our boat come to life in the listing through her descriptive prose and showcase of photos. Her phenomenal listing brought interested buyers immediately to SOBAD. Sunshine Cruising Yachts has superb marketing and a strong and fun social media presence, which is absolutely necessary in this day and age. Professional, responsive, and a joy to work with, Melanie made the selling process go smoothly and efficiently. I highly recommend Melanie as well as any of her brokers at Sunshine Cruising Yachts for buying or selling your boat, they’re a fantastic team!

– Kristi Black


We just closed on the sale of our Tartan 42 with Marcy Lynne, Sunshine Cruising Yachts’ new broker. I can’t say enough good about the experience. Marcy was attentive, listening carefully to the description of our boat, learning what we had loved about her, so that she could find the right buyer. She worked hard to find the right approach for the listing that would accent the boat’s excellent sailing qualities. At all times through the process she communicated with us quickly and clearly. She gave us regular updates without having to be asked. She was courteous, engaged, positive, and approachable. She earned every penny of the commission and then some. I highly recommend Marcy Lynne if you’re selling your boat.

– Deb Akey


Sold my charter boat without headache or heartache, Marcy was on top of it and professional from start to finish.

– Captain Daniel Sampiero


One of the best brokers who is so connected, knows boats, knows everyone, and gets back to you promptly. I have nicknamed Melanie #1
– Hayden Cochran


Melanie sold my boat in 4 days.
For close to asking price.
And I was 1200 miles away, in Roatan, Honduras.
We had the offer halfway through our 7 day trip to Brunswick, GA.
What more can I say?
– Matt Salatino


There is no more knowledgeable cruiser/broker around. Her lifetime of real world experience as both a live aboard and cruiser has yielded the perfect broker resume’.
– Russ Titus


Highest caliber folks. They show up and follow-up.
– Suky Cannon


Awesome brokerage! They are living the lifestyle and dedicated to helping others”get out there”.
– George Huffman


Extremely knowledgeable. Not many brokers will tell you when to walk away from a deal, but this one will only guide you in the right direction. SCY brokerage is fair, trustworthy, and honest.
– Lia Noland


Melanie is extremely knowledgeable about yachts and will find the one for you. With so many years of experience she will find the right one for your family!!!
– Sarah Whedbee


Melanie is an amazing woman in boating. An expert in her field and a pleasure to know and work with.
– Theresa DePonceau


Melanie is the most knowledgeable person I know in the boating world. She helped me when I was searching for a live-aboard cruising yacht. Two words to describe her…honesty and integrity. Melanie is a broker of excellence.
– Diane Sanderbeck


Melanie is very pleasant and knowledgeable. When it’s time to sell, we’ll be certain to use her!
– Len DeWit


I’ve worked in this industry for years and Melanie is quite literally the most knowledgeable, trustworthy broker I know. Melanie tells you what you need to know and works relentlessly to get you not only what’s on your wish list but often much, much more!
– Jay Martin


I worked with Melanie to purchase my 65ft Steel Treworgy Schooner. Big boat, big purchase and at times terrifying. Throughout every step of the process Melanie was everything you wish a broker could be. She was patient, transparent, honest, knowledgeable and her integrity is beyond reproach. Do your homework on this Captain, Broker and Businesswoman for sure. What you’ll find is that you have found the right company to work with!
– Steve Layt


Melanie sold us the Island Packet 31 aboard which we still happily live almost five years later. From survey to sea trial, she could not have been more knowledgeable, helpful, positive, committed, and professional. Work with her to buy your boat; you won’t regret it.
– Austin Collins


Melanie is an awesome Broker to correspond with!
– John Kaiser


Never have I had the pleasure of working with someone who works harder and with more persistence! if you buy a boat through any other broker you’re just plain nuts!
– CJ Bronstrup


Melanie has sold my sailboat and is now selling my yacht, She is great at what she does.
– Nathan Turnquist


Pestilence-free world awaits. Here’s a great crew to enable your escape.
– Darrell Nicholson


Melanie will always work hard for you! She’s the person you want on your side!
– Lisa Blomgren