Sunshine Cruising Cats

Why Sunshine Cruising Cats?

We recognize the need in the market for specialized catamaran knowledge. More and more people are switching from monohulls to cats for obvious reasons: space, stability, comfort, shallow draft and speed. Catamarans are prominent in cruising media, an

d they dominate the docks at boat shows.

We decided to create a division focused solely on catamarans. This means that we are doing our research, spending marketing dollars, and focusing a large portion of our resources on catamarans.

While we have sold many cruising catamarans, we recognize that this market is unique and requires a different approach and knowledge base. Our brokers are diligent and stay in touch with market trends. They will listen to you and help you determine what type of vessel best suits your needs, be it a catamaran or a monohull, and they will work tirelessly with you to help you realize your dreams.

Selling a catamaran?

We believe that being a brokerage that works with all types of boats gives us an advantage over brokerages who only work with multihulls. Often, potential buyers come to us without really knowing what they want, and we are able to offer them more choices and guide them into the right fit. We have access to the exact same tools and markets that the catamaran-only brokers do, but our reach goes beyond!

Saint Augustine, FL, is a destination for cruising catamarans. The St. Augustine Marine Center is one of the only facilities in the area that can handle hauling and storing boats over a certain beam. Plus, our many marinas and ample mooring field provide storage options that are much less expensive than destinations south of us. Our office is central to all of this—within walking distance. Why would you list your boat with an out-of-town broker when you could work with someone who has local connections and can show your boat at short notice?

We can’t wait to be part of your journey!