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Teare "Tahiti" Mariteragi-Nofziger
Yacht Sales

Teare has lived her life on the ocean. Born to a Tahitian father and an American mother, she had the opportunity to grow up traveling between French Polynesia and Hawaii. Her early passions for surfing and fishing kept her in the water almost everyday since she was a kid, but she dove headfirst into the maritime industry in her early twenties when she crewed aboard a traditional gaff-rig schooner to realize her dream of sailing home to Tahiti from Hawaii. What she thought would just be a one-time sail to Tahiti turned into a lifelong love for cruising. Once she realized her love for sailing, she continued cruising as delivery crew within the South Pacific. Since then, she's acquired her Master's 100 Ton USCG Captain's license with a sailing endorsement, worked as a licensed captain, owned and re-fit several small sailboats in Hawaii and lived aboard, she's worked extensively in the yacht restorations and maintenance industry, and she's acquired around 17,000 nautical miles in seatime.  

Teare considers herself to be a cruiser more than anything. She loves all types of boating because each brings it's own unique experience, but sailing longer bluewater passages is her favorite. Teare enjoys all aspects of a passage; prepping the vessel beforehand with necessary repairs and provisions, securing crew, weather routing and course planning, and of course, sailing! For her, there is nothing quite like being out to sea for long periods of time.

After the birth of her first child, Teare has taken a more remote role in the industry. Now based in French Polynesia, she helps others realize their dreams on the ocean, whether it be sailing, fishing, yachting, or even just experiencing the beautiful South Pacific lagoons from a bungalow. Teare loves demystifying the process so people can live their dreams on the water. Paired with her knowledge of the islands, she can help make a trip to see or sell a boat in the South Pacific more than just a transaction, she can help make it a memorable experience!

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