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Stacy "Stormy Jack" Pipitone
Yacht Sales

Stacy, better known as Stormy Jack, began her life on the ocean. The eldest daughter of a sailor, she was minutes from being born on the USS Forrestal, a US naval aircraft carrier located in Jacksonville, Florida. The family moved shorty after she was born to Texas and Stormy spent her summers on her grandparents' farm in Kansas, imagining the wheat fields were the vast ocean and dreaming of epic adventures sailing on the sea.

Fortunately dreams have a way of coming true. Stormy Jack returned to Florida in her 20's after college and during a divorce that thrust her into single parenthood, Stormy's closest friends introduced her to the joys and jibes of sailboats and regattas. Stormy joined the Upper Keys Sailing Club in Key Largo Florida and enjoyed crewing for different sailboats as well as working on the race committee. Finding an absolute love for the ocean and the sailboat life led to a life of delivering boats spanning from Annapolis area to St. Martin, focusing on new and used blue water cruisers and catamarans.

Stormy has owned two companies, including a construction company in South Florida, and holds to the values of listening to the client and helping her clients make their dreams come true.

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